Diversions: Adult Colouring Books

Posted: September 18, 2015 | 4:00 PM

(Krista Mills / The Quill)

(Krista Mills / The Quill)

The latest trend in the book world is the adult colouring book. Now I know this sounds kind of R-rated, but get your mind out of the gutter. These colouring books are completely PG, well probably G-rated, but with a twist. These images are incredibly intricate, and include gardens, mandalas, animals and patterns. Some books come with a nice mix of everything while others are arranged in themes including secret gardens, the animal kingdom, cities, and most recently I have noticed tattoo colouring books.

Adult colouring books can be found online as well as at bookstores such as our local Chapters, but there is a catch, these books can be kind of pricey, running around $20 per book. This doesn’t even include coloured pencils or crayons, let’s face it, you need that 120 pack. Now this isn’t exactly budget friendly, especially for students, and if you are like me and don’t want to wait until Christmas rolls around there are other options.

The alternative is cheap. So cheap in fact that you could even say it is free. Okay it is free. Head over to the app store and search “coloring for adults” and you will find over twenty apps that can provide you with your fix. But with so many apps to choose from how can you possibly know which ones work best? I have done the leg work for you. I tried out three separate apps, and yes, I did all of this while I should have been studying.

The first of the three, and probably my favourite and most user friendly was Colourfy, the colour pallet is easy to use as is the undo button (this is critical as some spots are quite small), there is a wide variety of colouring pages available, most notably the “famous” pages which include images by Van Gogh and da Vinci.

The second app I tested was Colorfly. My biggest complaint is the undo button, it is sticky and doesn’t really work. The colour pallet is cludgy and although the images are fun and different from the other two apps the options are limited.

The final app is Adult Coloring and second in the ranking as it is easy to use. It has the Alhambra category which the other two didn’t, the colour pallet is alright, you can unlock more colours by sharing five or more of your drawings. As with almost all apps these days you can spend your hard earned pennies on in-app purchases , this will give you access to more colours and pages, but in reality you don’t need much more than the basics. The best part is you can clear your creations and colour them over and over again.

As a self-proclaimed procrastinator I look for any opportunity to avoid doing my school work. These are my diversions, maybe they’ll be yours too! If you have any recommendations feel free to email us at webeditor.thequill@gmail.com

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