Do you need some reliable advice from a trusted friend? Look no further! We’ve got sound 18th century advice for your 21st century problems, Quentin Quill is here to answer your questions. The ProfDex is your go to guide for locating your professors, learn their moves and use them to your advantage. If you’re a little confused  in your classes look no further than Weakly Theory, where definitions for the confused are our specialty. All of this and much, much more!

Ask Quentin – Currently filling in for Miss Q, 18th century time traveller Quentin Quill is here to answer your questions.

Global View – South Korean student Woo Jin Song’s perspective on Canadian living.

Miss Q – Currently off on sabbatical, Miss Q has yet to specify when she will return. Her last known location was somewhere in the Amazonian Rainforest. If you are in desperate need of her advice, her old columns are still available for your viewing pleasure.

ProfDex – Have your friends been raving about their favorite professors? Do you find yourself asking professor who? Look no further than the ProfDex and its weekly professor profiles.

SERC 101 – Tips and tricks for safer sex from the Sexual Education Resource Centre.

Weakly Theory – Definitions for the confused!