7 Ages Productions presents ‘Paper Wheat’ and ‘Rinse the Blood Off My Toga’

Without taking a breath after The Producers, 7 Ages Productions (in conjunction with the Daly House Museum) is at it again. On Saturday, February 9th, Paper Wheat and Rinse the Blood Off My Toga will hit the stage at the Lorne Watson Recital Hall in the BU School of Music building at 8:00 pm.

“It will be an entertaining evening,” said 7 Ages director George Buri, “which should be of interest to BU students as it is a reflection of both Canadian culture and history.” Both Canadian plays, Paper Wheat was written in Saskatoon in the 1970s and chronicles the tale of Ukrainian, English and Irish immigrants settling the Prairies, while Rinse the Blood Off My Toga is a famous comedy sketch based on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and features one of Canada’s most famous duos, Wayne and Schuster.

“[Paper Wheat] is a great production which I am sure our audiences can relate to,” said Buri, who also makes an appearance along with board members and the curator from the Daly House Museum.

While some of the cast is shared between both plays, key actors include Christine Penner, Tara Leach, James Warnez, Randy Lilley, Colin Evans, local fiddler Genista Buhler, Andrew Mok, Kai Choy and Stephanie Buri Choy.

All proceeds from the productions will go to the Daly House Museum located on 18th Street, “one of the few surviving structures from the City of Brandon’s formative years” that holds four floors of artifacts, antiques, and archival materials contained in elaborate displays.

Tickets are $15, and available from the Daly House Museum, at the door or by calling 204-727-1722.