Career Planning and Placement Workshops

Whether you’re looking for a new job now, or anticipate that you’ll be looking for a new job in the near future or after you graduate, the Career Planning and Placement Office has everything you need to make sure that your application stands out amongst the many others competing against it.

For students who are considering applying to the Education Faculty for an after degree, Career Planning has you covered. Tuesday, January 10th, and Wednesday, January 11th, will see the office hold a workshop helping students to fill out their applications correctly to make sure that your chance of acceptance is as high as possible. The Tuesday workshop starts at 12:40pm and runs until 1:30pm in the free slot, while the Wednesday workshop runs from 1:40pm until 2:30pm. Fear not if you are unable to attend either of these sessions, however, as the Completing Your Education Application Package workshop will return for two more sessions on Tuesday, January 31st, from 12:40pm to 1:30pm and Wednesday, February 1st, from 1:40pm to 2:30pm.

Are you concerned about finding a summer job that will cater to your interests? For the career-concerned student, the Career Planning and Placement office offers a Finding Your Summer Job session, the first of which will take place on Tuesday, January 24th, from 12:40pm until 1:30pm. A repeat of this session is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, March 1st, from 1:40pm until 2:30pm.

Is your resume in dire need of an update? The How To Write Your Resume & Cover Letter session will likely be of some assistance to you. The first session on this topic takes place on Wednesday, February 8th, from 1:40pm until 2:30pm. A second session is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14th, from 12:40pm until 1:30pm for those who are unable to attend the first iteration.

For the student who is concerned about their social media presence, and its effect on their employability, there is the Managing Your Social Media Presence session, set to take place on Wednesday, February 15th, from 1:40pm until 2:30pm. There will only be one iteration of this session, so make sure to attend it if you are interested.

Once your resume has won over your potential boss enough to warrant an interview, you may be concerned that your interviewing skills aren’t as impressive as you’d like. Fear not, for the session on Preparing For Your Interview has you covered. Scheduled for Wednesday, February 22nd, from 1:40pm until 2:30pm, feel free to attend this session. If you are unable to, a second session will be held on Wednesday, March 22nd, from 1:40pm until 2:30pm.

And lastly, for the student who is trying to work on their long-term plan: Planning Your Career. This session will occur only once, on Wednesday, March 8th, from 1:40pm until 2:30pm.

If you’d like further information on any of the scheduled workshops, or the Career Planning and Placement Office and how it can help you, contact the Career Planning/Placement Officer by calling 204-727-9651 or by emailing