Bizzare Holidays This Week…

Here’s a countdown of some of the weirdest holidays happening this week, and what you can do to celebrate them if you’re feeling particularly festive.

Tuesday, January 17th lends itself to many possible celebrations, one of which honours the birth of a historical man. One of the worldwide holidays celebrated on this day is Mr. Hundred Dollar (American) Bill himself, Benjamin Franklin, who is celebrated on the date of his birth. Had Mr. Franklin still been alive today he’d have been a whopping 311 years old.

Wednesday, January 18th is a day that sounds like a lot of fun to me. Thesaurus Day is typically celebrated by impressing your friends and peers with your extensive, outstanding, copious, voluptuous, and remarkably extraordinary vocabulary. For this day you have license to use as many long descriptive words as you possibly can.

Thursday, January 19th lends you lease to take a salty, buttery snack break. Popcorn Day should be celebrated by muching down on your favourite variation of the popped kernel, whether it be plain, dressed with salt and butter, or mixed with M&Ms for a sweet and salty snack.

Friday, January 20th is Penguin Awareness Day. With the warming global atmosphere the habitats of the cute, flightless birds are rapidly diminishing. Appropriate ways to raise awareness for the southern birds include donating to a related charity protecting their habitat, or watching Happy Feet on your study break. The really ambitious may even choose to do both activities.

Saturday, January 21st heals the soul with Soup Swap Day. This day became an unofficially USA-wide holiday in 2006, and started first in Seattle. To properly celebrate invite friends and family to a soup swap where everyone brings containers of homemade soup. If 6 people bring soup, then each person should have 6 containers of soup, and all should leave with as much soup as they brought.

Sunday, January 22nd was made for those of you who have a love of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and Sriracha: Hot Sauce Day. Turn up the heat by adding some sauce to all of your meals (I wonder what hot sauce tastes like on cereal…), and trying a new kind of hot sauce to add some variety in your life.

Topping off our week is Monday, January 23rd with Handwriting Day. Rather than do everything electronically, try writing a note by hand today with your unique handwriting. Did you know that some people say you’re handwriting is as unique to you as your fingerprint? For those looking for a challenge, rather than write your notes with a typical pen or pencil, why not try a fountain pen, calligraphy pen, or brush pen for a little more flare?

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Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 18, January 17, 2017.