Q-Mail: Where Is the Quill Office?

Dear Glow Cloud,

Where is the Quill office? I have been going to this school for five years and I have no idea. I keep imagining it’s like a secret cave below Clark Hall. Is that accurate?

Lost Lucy

Dear Lost,

Like myself, The Quill’s office is likely something that you probably will never personally see. You may have “a friend of a friend, who knows a guy, who over heard that this other person saw myself/it” however this is inaccurate. Very few people are given such an opportunity.

Rumor has it that some of the chosen souls (there is debate on whether or not they are “lucky”) have been able to glimpse the famed office from the Knowles-Douglas building, near the Women’s Collective’s office. These claims might be unfounded though because I heard about it from a friend, who heard from a friend, who knew someone that overheard mention of said office in another conversation. Regardless, this is probably a good place to start looking.

If all else fails, then follow the trail of newspapers. It’s sure to lead somewhere. Whether or not it’s the Quill office is unknown though.

All Hail,

Almighty Glow Cloud

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 19, January 24, 2017.