Q-Mail: A True Leader

Dear Quintilius,

I have been having difficulties with my subordinates at work and I was curious which is better to be? Feared or respected?

Sincerely, The Manager


Dear Incompetent Leader,

I have difficulty comprehending the basics for your situation. You are the leader of a cohort and your troops aren’t following orders? Are you perhaps a small hairless ape with no leadership qualities nor any authority to hold over these people?

Well, Ms. or Mr. Manager, might I recommend laying down the law and not just asking things of subordinates but demanding action? You own them, do you not? You sign off on their cheques and write up reviews for their performance? Well, you need to show this power that you have, and that it is in fact real and able to be used! Tell them their jobs could easily be outsourced and they’re expendable.

These people first need to fear you to be able to respect you. It is only after people have seen the punishment will they begin to respect. We once crucified 6000 people along the Appian Way for revolting. We have several times picked one out of every ten men to die within our own legion to instil discipline. And do you want to know how these 1/10th were to die? BY BEING BEATEN TO DEATH BY THE OTHER NINE TROOPS!

All Salute The Eternal City,

Qunitilius of Rome