Study Tips for Your Average Student


As the first term comes to an end, most of us are getting hit with exams and papers. Thankfully there are some pretty great websites, apps and other things to help you survive and even pass!

First, find your way of studying. This is probably the hardest thing to do because everyone out there thinks their way should work for you. Surprise, everyone learns differently. Try out different ways of studying until you find the one that works. Are you a visual learner? If so can you draw pictures of what you’re studying or find diagrams in textbooks or online? Maybe you learn by saying what you need to remember out loud. If so, talk to yourself or find someone who doesn’t mind potentially being bored to death and start talking. Maybe you learn by writing things out a few times. Try them all and see what works. Ask your profs for websites or any other resources they might have. And actually read your textbook, or at least skim it. Profs always say they can tell who read the textbook by their test responses, and they aren’t kidding. Reading the textbook gives you a serious advantage and generally better marks.

Set a timer. Study for 20 minutes, then give yourself 20 minutes to do something else. This stops your brain from exploding while still getting in some valuable study time. Studies also say you can’t absorb new information after about 20 minutes so another great reason to give yourself a break.

Now, on to papers. There are so many awesome resources out there to help students with papers. First, please, for the love of god, use spell check. It’s really not hard and you won’t look like an idiot when you submit your paper. Second, use the library or talk to a librarian. They know things, whether you need help with a paper or test prep help.

Here are some websites to help with papers as well:

Grammarly: If you use google chrome, it’s a free extension. It can check as you go if you use Docs, or you can run saved documents through it. ( )

Hemingway- There is an app or you can paste into their website. It will help you with grammar as well as give suggestions. Please note, Hemingway is not free but probably worth the investment if you have a lot of papers. (

Owl- The Perdue Online Writing Lab can help with citations! Super handy for when your prof throws a citation style at you that you’ve never even heard of before. (

There are so many other great websites out there to help with both studying for tests ad papers, just google it!

If you have a Mac, or smartphone look in the app store for helpful studying apps, and you will find apps from flashcards, to time management that could be helpful.

There is also a huge list of apps out there that will block social media or even internet access in general for the amount of time you set. This is an awesome thing if you, like myself get distracted fairly easily (I’ve checked Facebook three times while writing this). Download one, and use it. Facebook can wait.

Finally, stop procrastinating. The sooner you get shit done, the sooner you’re free for the holiday season.