Club of the Week: BU Beading Club

Beadwork. (Uysvdi under Creative Commons 3.0)

About four years ago, Fine Arts Professors Cathy Mattes and Peter Morin started a Beading group to provide hand-made grad gifts for our students. Since then, the weekly group has grown and attracted a substantial amount of ladies (and Albyn) to the group.

Participants meet on Tuesdays to sit together, bead, laugh, have tea, and show everyone their latest creation. A few of our ladies participated in and provided beadwork for the Walking with our Sisters event. Barb Blind, who is the Elder in Residence at the Indigenous People’s Center, said “I like coming here because we have so much fun, there’s always laughter.”

The group has created lanyards, business card holders, earrings, mukluks, moccasins, and pins, among many more grad gifts for Brandon University students. Many members also sell their beautiful pieces, so this is good place to look for some unique and hand-made Christmas gifts for the upcoming season.

My experience being a recent member of the group has been very beneficial to my needle skills and gives me a time in the week where I don’t obsess over stress, but just spend time with some very kind faces willing to teach their traditional methods to me. There is both wisdom and skills to be squired in the Beading group.

The group takes place in the study room of the Indigenous People’s Center on Tuesday at the free slot or in the evening at 5:30PM. Tea and refreshments are occasionally provided.