Safety Zones on Campus

(Credit: Abbeywood/Wikimedia Commons)

The campus is divided into factions, and territories are being claimed. The residence students have formed a coalition, claiming the three residences and Harvest Hall as their base. Food is a commodity, and they currently have the corner on the market.

The science students marked their territory: the Brodie Building has been booby-trapped to keep out the undesirables. As I type this, they quarrel amongst themselves to be the leader, the situation rapidly devolving into every-man-for-themselves. Unless a compromise can be reached, the Science stronghold will quickly become a tomb.

The bell tower has been commandeered as a sniper hideout by intrepid faculty members. They take turns on watch, looking out for infected former people. I’ve heard that their coffee supply is diminishing, and in turn desperation is rising.

The library is overrun with bookish introverts intent on getting the internet functioning again. The Residence Coalition leaves gifts of food at the doors to aid in the all-important efforts.

Alas, the KDC is the site of civil war – the Swill office and the bureaucracy one floor below battle for control. There have been no casualties, as the battle is mostly cutting remarks and catty notes. No end appears to be in sight.

Republished from The Swill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 27, March 28, 2017.