Talking with Your Kids about Sexuality

(Credit: SERC)

Raising kids can be very rewarding but also challenging. The Sexuality Education Resource Centre is a community based, non profit that promotes Sexual Health through education. We’re here to help with sometimes tricky topics like talking with kids about sexuality.

Here are some ideas to get talking with children about sexual health.

Privacy: This could include giving their friends or family members privacy or asking for privacy for themselves when changing or using the washroom. You can have conversations about private parts or read books on privacy to your children from our lending library here at SERC.

Consent: Teach your child that their body is their own. Empower them to make choices for themselves about things like if and when they choose to hug a relative or friend. This is a great way to teach consent from a young age and teaches kids that their voice should always be respected.

Anatomy: Teaching kids about their body parts and the jobs of body parts is a foundation for future conversations. It also reduces shame around body parts and helps kids feel comfortable hearing and using the proper words.

Having these conversations from an early age creates open lines of communication between kids and their adult caregivers and shows kids that they can come to you with their questions. Remember it’s not about knowing all the answers but creating a safe space so kids can ask questions and get the one that they need.

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Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 28, April 4th, 2017.