This Week in Pop Culture: YouTube Theorizers


I’m a sucker for a good theory. So long as it’s a bit logical I don’t really care what it’s about. Going through my YouTube subscriptions confirms this, and here are a few that I think are definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Jon Solo

Jon Solo is a theorizer who specializes in Star Wars and Disney theories. Occasionally this can include Pixar theories as well, but not as often. Jon explains the theory to the viewers in a conversational format with him just talking to the camera. Some of my favourite recent theories of his are “Why Does Wolverine Wear Yellow Spandex?” and “ “Why Leia Hugging Rey Makes Sense!”. I like Jon’s theories because they go into the character depths of the story, and because he credits where his ideas or theories came from.


SuperCarlinBrothers is a channel which discusses mostly Pixar, Disney, and Harry Potter theories. This is done by the two hosts, J (Jonathan) and Ben, who are brothers and alternate videos in a fashion similar to the style of Hank and John Green. They also practice the typical format of simply talking to the camera, but they also include a bit of goofiness in their videos which never fails to make me giggle. The brothers describe themselves as “Proud Slytherins, Narwhal Detectives, Pixar Theorists, Bagel Eaters, Google Autofillers and Grizzly Eagle Shark lovers.” While I’m not entirely sure what a “grizzly eagle shark” is, I’m sure it’s a reference to some show or an earlier video of theirs. Some of the brothers’ recent theories that I’ve enjoyed include “Why Hagrid’s Wand Works”, “Why Fudge Is The Worst” (the Harry Potter character, not the delicious treat), and “Pixar Theory: Why Are Monsters Told Kids Are Toxic?”.

Fun fact: they created their channel name in homage to Super Mario Bros.

The Film Theorists

My last recommendation for YouTube Theory Masters is the ever popular channel, The Film Theorists. Starring host MatPat, these theories are highly analytical and cater to the true academic geek in me. These videos are accompanied by entertaining graphics which demonstrate exactly what the theory is describing at the moment. While this may be the best way I can describe one of The Film Theorists’ videos, I am by no means doing them justice and I recommend that you watch one to see for yourself what awesomeness lies within. Some of the videos that have blown my mind (and/or destroyed my thoughts on a show) lately include “How Wonder Woman FAILED Us!”, “DEATH NOTE - How Deadly Was It?”, and “Scrooge McDuck’s Net Worth SOLVED!”.

There are without a doubt more talented theorizers on YouTube, and more on my subscriptions list, but these three stand out as my favourites and are definitely channels that I would recommend to almost anyone. So if you have a few minutes (or a lot of minutes, some of these videos are on the longish side), then I highly recommend that you dip your toes into the pool of YouTube Theorists.