Dates to Remember This Term

(Ashlyn Pearce/The Quill)

With the school year now well into September, we at The Quill thought that it might be a good idea to remind everyone of important dates coming up. These are all academic, mind you. We are not able to provide you with your mother’s birthday, or your dating/wedding anniversary - you’re on your own for those.

September 20th: Last day to register/add courses for First Term and Both Term Classes (except Undergrad Ed Depts. 01-04 and 05 methods). Also the LAST DAY for 100% tuition refunds on First Term and Both Term Classes. If you drop a course before or on this date, you receive your tuition $$$ back!

October 9th: Thanksgiving! University closed. No classes.

October 17th: Convocation, no ceremony.

November 6th-9th: Fall study break! The university is open, but there are no classes. Except Undergrad Ed courses (depts. 01-04 and 05 methods). This is your chance to catch up on assignments and study…. or continue to procrastinate and binge watch an entire 10 seasons on Netflix. (Yes Netflix, I am still watching. Don’t judge me).

November 10th: Remembrance Day- University is closed. No classes.

November 22nd: Voluntary withdrawal deadline! This is your last chance to drop First Term courses without academic penalty. It is also the last day for 50% tuition refund for both term courses. If a course isn’t working out, drop it now!

December 6th: Last day of courses for First Term, except Undergrad Ed Depts. 01-04 and 05 methods. THIS DAY WILL FOLLOW A MONDAY SLOT SCHEDULE (even though it is a Wednesday)!

December 15th: This is your deadline to apply for February 2018 convocation. There is no ceremony for this convocation.

December 9th-19th: Exams! Final exams for first term courses and mid-terms for both term courses. (Except Undergrad Education Depts. 01-04 and 05 Methods). Study, study, study!

December 23rd-January 1st: University closed for the holidays! Happy whatever you celebrate!

Please note, Education has different dates for many aspects of this, so if you are in the Education department you may want to look into their dates just to make sure!