Darrach Hall From Fresh Eyes

Darrach Hall. (Megan Cloet)

Like the Pirates of Penzance, Darrach Hall is a group of men harmoniously working and co-existing together with the common goal of achieving a higher education. As opposed to committing piracy and obtaining plunder, though like a pirate ship Darrach Hall cannot escape the occasionally noticeable smell of fifty something males sharing a living space. However, there are many pros to balance out this con.

On entering Darrach Hall, its largest asset becomes immediately visible: one of the largest, most well-equipped lounges of any residence. The lounge contains two ping-pong tables, one fooseball table, and for the picky pirate, pleather couches and chairs surrounding the TV area. It also provides a workplace for any classwork you might have been blessed with.

If you’re a female, don’t fret! You can be accompanied into the dorm by one of the Darrach Hall lads to join the lounge festivities until the time of 11:00PM, at which time each resident can only escort one companion signing them into the premises (and perhaps kicking his bunkmate out of bed).

The residence lavatories are kept in top shape and have maintenance regularly, and since it is all male, drainage clogging is minimal.

Residence, as in real estate, is all about location, location, location! Luckily for Darrach Hall, it has no qualms with that. Located directly next to the cafeteria and HLC, it’s prime real estate. The cafeteria is open to later hours during the weekdays and closes just into late weekend evenings, providing a menu (depending on time of day) of anything from subs to stir-fry! Darrach Hall is hum drum, full of camaraderie, generating a polite mindful atmosphere. Helping this along is its group of student staff who are always friendly, on call, and ready to help whoever needs it. The staff also hosts residence activities and icebreakers to help introduce and put its new residence students at ease in their new university environment. All in all, Darrach Hall is a nice place to relax, live, and look forward too spending the rest of your university life in.