What BUSU Can Do For You

(Krista Murray/The Quill)

Brandon University Students’ Union is an elected group of students who work at BU to make your university experience the best it can possibly be. The current council is made up of 3 executive members: a president and two vice-presidents, along with 14 faculty and constituency directors who each have their own responsibilities and areas of expertise. If you have any questions about events, classes or even just general advice these are all passionate leaders worth talking to.

The BUSU office is located on the 1st floor of the KDC building, and it is here you can make appointments, book equipment and find the basic information you need around campus. Some of the services BUSU offers include: photocopying/printing/faxing, lost and found and the Paw Pass that allows students to get discounts at over 50 local businesses. Their office is also the location to find information on your BUSU Health and Dental plan or a place to apply for several of the funds BUSU makes available to students. Whether funding for a club or for a conference, the staff at the BUSU office will point you in the right direction.

If you decide that maybe the BUSU office isn’t that essential to everyday life, you will likely notice the council members hosting big events or socials. For example,, the BUSU Glow Up Disorientation Social will be taking place on Friday September 15th at the Park Community Centre. Or you can sometimes see them giving out free food, much like their Free Pizza event at 12:30PM in the Mingling area.

Now there are several ways contact BUSU, you can stroll right on into their office, send them an email, call them at 204-727-9660, or check out their website at busu.ca.