A Letter To Quintilius

Dear Quintilius,

Now that Marijuana has been made legal in Canada do you think the rest of the world will follow suit?

Sincerely, Mary-J Investor


Dear Pot Belly Pig,

Marijuana is another item the government can tax. Of course it will eventually be legalized world wide. Even nowadays marijuana has been decriminalized or the laws are largely unenforced by police around the Earth. Sure it will be a little more difficult in politically divided countries or areas with certain religious ties but the sales and regulation of drugs will only benefit the people of that nation.

I will list several reasons why all countries should or will eventually allow the selling of marijuana. 1) It’s not that bad for you compared to some of the other stupid shit people are doing. Alcohol, tobacco and even sugar are all dangerous to the human body in large quantities. Also these are all already legal. These are items which are addictive, destructive and will eventually kill you. Marijuana isn’t some super healthy drug but it does offer different side effects and has some positive consequences. As an example you can look to those who use the drug medically.

2) Overdosing on marijuana is not possible according to any records on file. They tested a metric shit-tonne of weed on rats and you know what happened? The rats ate a lot of food, fell asleep for three days and then ate some more food. Overdosing occurs when weed is mixed with something else, for example fentanyl or other opioids, which also can make it addictive. Legalizing and regulating marijuana will help keep people safe as they know where their weed is coming from. It is specially bred and specifically focused on making sure the THC is able to elicit different responses in people and get them the type of high they want to experience.

3) Taxes. 10% or $1.00 per gram goes to an excise tax, note this doesn't include the HST or PST which is dependent by province. In Alberta alone, on the first day of legalization, they sold $730,000 and made about 8300 sales. No PST or HST there, therefore in Alberta alone the Federal and Provincial governments made about $73,000 just in excise tax.

Don’t get wrong, I hate dealing with morons and lack wits, but I deal with these people all the time anyways. At least now their smoking habit is turned into a benefit for the economy.