Brandon University Chinese Students And Scholars Association

布兰登大学中国学生学者联谊会(简称联谊会,英文缩写BUCSSA)是自2004年起在布兰登学习和工作的中国学生和学者组成的一个非政治性、非宗教、非盈利性并在BUSU 正式注册的组织。









欢迎大家加入布兰登大学中国学生学者联谊会!新会员入会$5, 老会员续会$3,我们的活动对会员都是免费的,并且享有很多商家福利。


 The Brandon University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (BUCSSA) is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit and officially registered with BUSU students and scholars who study and work at Brandon organization from 2004.

The purpose of the association is to assist BU in its collaborative planning for China, to provide assistance and services to its members, and to safeguard the rights and interests of its members.

 We assist in the promotion and collaboration between Brandon University and schools in various regions of China.Enrich the culture and academic life of Chinese students and scholars at Brandon University.

We help the BUCSSA members, especially the newcomers to overcome difficulties that may arise in study, work, and life.

We maintain and strengthen ties with the motherland, and promote exchanges with different ethnic groups, different cultures, and local friendship communities to promote Chinese culture.

 BUCSSA will implement the orientation, mid-autumn, Spring Festival and other kinds of activities every year to promote the communication between new students and old students, and also express the homesick feeling between the oversea students in BU.

We welcome everyone join in the big family of BUCSSA! $5 for new members,and $3 for renew the membership. Every activities is free for our members, and we also have lots of welfare for our membership!