Valentines Never Sent

It was during a tough time for the Empire. We were facing daily raids from Germanic tribes and forced to try and hold them back.

I had just come off of the battlefield near a small Germanic city in Eastern Gaul when they caught my eye. A beautiful, nay, a gorgeous creature stood still there amongst the dead bodies. They raised there head to the sky in a battle scream as they took a look around the battlefield, their body still raging with bloodlust. I have never had a more raging erection for a woman then that moment.

It was only later that day did I learn her name. “Bellatrix,” the female warrior. My gods, was she ever a powerful looking figure on that battlefield. I had learned her name from my fellow centurion,  who had said that Bellatrix was single. I knew I had to take her for my own, or better yet she could take me.

Never had I laid eyes upon a more magnificent human being. The only trouble was writing that first letter to get her attention. One wrong word and she could very well take off  both my heads.. if you know what I’m saying.

I started learning all that I could about this woman. Not in a weird stalkerish way but in the way a wolf hunts a deer. I tried to gain her scent, I would track her and I would study her as she went about her life.

She was a Roman slave, born of a Germanic chief and taught to fight from a young age. She was taken from her family and raised in the Roman way of life and given a good latin name. She was 16 at the time and married off to a young Senator. She became very well mannered in the streets of Rome and helped her husband rise to power. Only when his consulship came upon him, he died suddenly. It was rumoured Bellatrix had murdered him after he was caught having an ol’ fashion Roman orgy.

She had to flee from the capital but was highly regarded by her friends and took what appeared to be a small army with her to a city in Eastern Gaul. Here she was safe and her influence arose within the city and surrounding area. It was not until the battle that I had recently fought in did she lose everything.

Her old tribe had ransacked the city and slaughtered its citizens. Of those that had fled Rome with her, only she survived. She joined us on the battle field as we took revenge upon the barbarians. To her they were no longer kin, simply enemies that had  taken everything she had. They were animals that had to be put down.

I never did get to talk with her. I never did send her the letter I wrote. She was strong, brilliant and resourceful. She was everything I wanted. What held me back? The idea that I could not live without her. Being a legionnaire my duty was to Rome. My first and true love. How could I be faithful to the Eternal City if I let my desire’s of flesh persuade me.

I would die a hundred deaths on the battlefield if it meant keeping Bellatrix safe. The lover I never had, the woman who may never even have seen me, was the one I most captivated by. I knew she was a fighter but if I could make her fight easier then I gladly would.

She would live out a long life and was eventually remarried. She would pass peacefully  into the next world surrounded by her children. As for me I would never see her after the legion left Gaul. So I left with only the memory of her brilliant eyes and ferocity on the battle field.  A woman I had never truly gotten to know and a Valentines I never sent.

Learn from my mistakes. The world is wide and filled with beauty. Duty is important but so is happiness. It doesn’t have to even be valentines day. Tell your loved ones what they mean to you, don’t take them for granted, and finally go talk to that special person and tell them how you feel. Love is not love without risks. Love would not be nearly as important without the idea of failure or loss. You can not fully appreciate the sunshine without the rainy days.