BUSU Candidates

Elections are underway! After the nomination period immediately before the break, several candidates for BUSU Council positions were announced. The candidates will spend the rest of this week campaigning, and voting will take place on Thursday, March 1st and Friday, March 2nd.

For the executive postions, we have a single candidate in each category: Emily Simon is running for Vice-President Internal, and Mohammed Agavi is running for Vice-President External. Both candidates are the incumbents in their respective positions, having been elected at the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year. Mohammed is running on a platform of increased involvement of clubs and collectives on campus and increased use of social media to promote BUSU activities and connect with students. Emily is running on a platform of student safety, with the goal of pushing the university for safer crosswalks and better lighting in the parking lots.

Whitney Hodgins is running for a third term as Accessibilies Director, with a platform of visibility. Whitney has spoken on a national level in support of what can be done for students with accessibility needs, and plans to continue with her advocacy in the 2018/2019 academic year.

Arts Director candidate Uzoma Duru is running on a platform of inclusion. Uzoma is an international student who feels at home here at BU, and vows to make the Arts Faculty as welcoming to others as he found it.

George Nkuo is running for the International Student Director on a platform of helping international students (both new and returning) access critical resources both on and off campus, such as keeping the BUSU office up-to-date on immigration policies and providing students with links to acquiring social insurance numbers. George plans to build on existing initiatives by past International Student directors and find solutions for failed initiatives.

Natashalee Thompson has reapplied to work as the Graduate Studies Director. Natashalee plans to continue the work she began this year in giving the graduate students of Brandon University as many opportunities as possible, no matter if they are professional, academic, or social.

Music Director candidate Katharine Charles has plans to give the School of Music a voice at BUSU meetings and try to unite the School of Music with the other faculties.

There is one Senator Student-At-Large candidate at this time. Manuel Colmenarez promises to use the opportunity he would be given in this position to improve himself personally and to attempt to make others feel welcome.

As at time of publication, there are no candidates for the following positions: President, Gender and Sexuality-Based Director, Women’s Director, Racialized Director, Science Director, Health Studies Director, Education Director, Residence Director, and Part-Time/Mature Students Director.

We wish all candidates the best of luck in their endeavours!