Dear Quintilius,

         Daylight saving time.. Why?? I have to rise an hour earlier now and I am not impressed.

Sincerely, WTF



Dear Lost In Time,

Daylight saving time (DST) was designed for the pleasure of the average citizen. It was a strategy created by governments to give citizens the illusion that they have an extra hour of sunlight in the summertime. Sure, you have to rise an hour earlier, but you get an extra hour in the evening of sunlight.

Although many societies do use the DST, many others do not. It is largely based around the concept of work. In industrialized societies we base our work hours on a 9:00AM-5:00PM work schedule, but in agrarian societies you base your schedule around the length of daylight hours.

DST is not a universal idea and it is neither scientifically more accurate nor beneficial to society. It is a trick placed on people by the businesses and governments they serve.

Ancient Rome? Ancient Rome had 24 hours, 1 through to 24, which did not change positions. DST is absolutely ridiculous. In Ancient Rome the hours just changed lengths. Sometimes hours could be as short as 44 minutes or as long as 75 minutes.

Pfft, saving daylight? Saving daylight is about as crazy of a mission as saving Private Ryan. Instead of saving a singular person for the cost of 6 men, why not just let Matt Damon make his own fate? Are we really willing to sacrifice Tom Hanks? We should instead be following the Saskatchewan method of not giving a shit about time.



All Salute The Eternal City,


Qunitilius of Rome