RGC Diablo

I have been playing Blizzard’s Diablo franchise for over half my life. From the time that I was around twelve years old, my dad has let me play his copy of Diablo II. I was immediately hooked.

I can’t imagine how painful it was for my dad to watch me play at first. I had no concept of strategy. I picked a Sorceress as my first character and then charged in and tried to fight enemies as a Barbarian might. I didn’t use the most effective armour, and I died. A lot.

As I got older, I got better. I chose an Amazon as my character most often, for the benefit of ranged and close combat fighting. I installed the original Diablo on the ancient laptop that I used primarily as a word processor and learned the history of Tristram. And then I waited for over a decade for Diablo III.

The graphics on this game are phenomenal. The class system is superb. The story was easy to follow and escalated with clear goals. It was almost worth the wait. Except for one minor detail: there was too much reliance on the online multiplayer function.

I’m a person who enjoys playing a game on my own, in my own time. That being said, as a monk, I could not beat even the first stage boss on my own at level 28. I needed to get my friends to link in to my game in order to kill the damned thing and advance the story.

I had the same (kind of ) problem with Star Wars Battlefront: I don’t want to have to play online. I would very much prefer a straight campaign.

That being said, I still play Diablo III and will continue to play Diablo III until they make Diablo IV.

(Diablo II is still bae though).