BUSU Meetings

By now the majority of new students have heard the term BUSU at least a handful of times. BUSU refers to the Brandon University Students Union that we have on campus. In exchange for the fees you pay them in your total tuition they provide a number of services. Some of these services include the health and dental plan, the Paw Pass and various activities/events held throughout the school year. In order to plan, discuss and evaluate these items the BUSU council meets regularly throughout the academic year. The BUSU Council is made up of the three executive members plus the remaining student directors. Executive positions include the Union President, Vice President Internal and Vice President External. As for director positions, each position represents either a certain faculty or group on campus. The student director positions include the Arts Director, Science Director, Education Director, Health Studies Director, Music Director, Graduate Studies Director, Part Time/Mature Director, Residence Director, Women's Director, Indigenous Peoples Director, International Students Director, Racialized Director, Queer Students Director and Accessibilities Director. Yes indeed, that is a lot of directors. 

Throughout the year each meeting, unless otherwise noted, will be held in the CLC Boardroom. The boardroom is located on the 2nd floor of the Knowles-Douglas Building, right across from offices of The Quill. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings in order to see where their money is going and how it is being spent. From time to time council may decide to go into an in camera meeting. This means that the public is not permitted to attend or participate in the deliberations. BUSU has yet to announce when the regular meetings will take place throughout the year. However it is expected an announcement will be made following the orientation activities week.

When the meeting begins the chair, the union President, will call the meeting to order and then proceed to take attendance. Each individual present will state their name and position. Following this the agenda will need to be adopted and approved and the meeting minutes from the previous council meeting will also need to be approved. Once these housekeeping duties are taken care of council will then proceed to the presentations section. Here students or organizations/clubs may give presentations or statements if they registered in advance. Following the presentations council will then proceed to hear the executive reports. Each of the three executive members of BUSU needs to submit a report on their activities and what has been happening in their jurisdictions. Following the executive reports each director will then have a chance to present their own report. These reports will give a broad overview of what has been happening in that director’s jurisdiction and what activities they have taken part in relating to their position. If there is any business arising from the reports council will discuss it after all the executive and director reports have been presented. Following the reports council will then proceed to discuss business relating to the three committees. These committees, which are made up of both executive members and directors, include the Policy and By-law committee, the Finances and Services committee and the Student Clubs, Activities and Campaigns committee. The issues of both Old Business and New Business come after the discussions of the three committees. Here the BUSU council will first deliberate any Old Business items, items that have been discussed in council previously, and then New Business items, items that have not been addressed in council before.  By this time the council meeting is ready to wrap up. Unless there is any business arising for council to attend to various announcements would be made at this time. Following the announcements, the chair would call for adjournment and the meeting would end.

If you are ever curious as to what BUSU is doing with your money your best bet is to attend one of these meetings! However, dry they may seem at times they are very informative and it allows you to get a glimpse into the inner workings of your student’s union.