Orientation And Your First Week

I believe I speak for everyone when I say that nothing beats the excitement and vigour with which the freshmen entered their first days of school. At Orientation this year hundreds of bright eyed optimists descended into our haunt of stress induced late pre-exam panic attacks. If you were fortunate to have seen the jovial bounce in the step of each newbie as their Student Leaders showed them the lecture halls you would have been flabbergasted. Then again it is said that Lambs will meekly follow the butcher to the chopping block and even prisoners learn to accept their chains.  After the latest incarcerated inmates of this prison of gloom were made familiar with the boundaries of their new confines they were brought out in front of Clark Hall. Here a last meal of burgers and chips was prepared for them. A final cruel reminder of what they would miss, as from now on these poor souls will subside off Cup'O Noodles, grilled cheese sandwiches and tap water. The dinner music, a dirge, played by local bands for the unsuspecting as they, burger in hand, passed through booths of various sponsors. These sadists malevolently keep providing means for this factory of dread to turn out more and more soulless empty graduates. Upon satiation students were later brought to the computer lab where the malicious Student Leaders got them to choose their method of torture, death by titration or oral presentation. Finally the freshmen were sent home with the promise that their Student Leaders would be watching them in the days to come both seen in their yellow shirts and disguised as the rest of the prison populace.  

Hopefully you freshmen have gotten the feel of the land by now! We students love to play up the stress our studies put on us. At times it feels like a competition. The more stress you are under the harder you must be working. Don't believe a word of it! It is entirely feasible for you to experience a successful academic career and enjoy it as well. Your time at BU will be as miserable or amazing as you make it out to be. Listen to the Student Leaders and the advice that they provided you. Take advantage of their offer to help you along your first steps as a university student. They have been through it all before, both the ups and downs, the successes and the failures. Remember programs that they showed you that are offered here at BU. These were put into place by hardworking individuals whose purpose it is to see you succeed. We are all pulling for you. Remember the excitement you feel today will soon give way to familiarity. Breeding tedium, exhaustion and disenchantment. That it is unless you do something about it! Find a reason to get excited about coming to school each day. Whether that is to be with new friends or to learn something new and stimulating.