Social Media Adventure

Despite our current esteemed editor’s desire to the contrary, social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And since our news team is comprised of opportunistic and ambitious people, The Quill will be more active this year online than we’ve been in the past in order to keep up with the demands of our audience. And to, you know, have an audience.

Of course this wasn’t an easy transition. It involved at least half an hour worth of worth struggling to remember what password worked and why Instagram decided we both had an account with our email already yet had no account with our email to reset our password. Which resulted in several minutes spent skimming their support before promptly abandoning their less than helpful (re: useless) FAQ and leaving feedback with a very disappointed frowny face. We however preserved and got our account set up. 

Twitter was a breeze once we figured out there was no salvaging our old one and started from scratch. Facebook was easy peazy. At this point we figured we’re somewhat getting the hang of this. Then of course we try to upload our profile picture of a quill- you know the very object we’re named after- without it being cut out or trimmed down. Not possible. Completely unachievable. Despite wandering onto dubious sites and downloading supposedly resized images, which optimistically don’t include any additional viruses, our photo remained determined to thwart our combined genius. After poisoning the air with exasperated and quickly resigned profanity we threw in the towel. Besides, you can still tell it’s a feather, so hopefully the connection between our name and our logo is evident. If not we’ll just be a circle with a pretty feather. 

Additionally, as of the time this article is being writing we can proudly boast two followers on Instagram! Yes, proudly. That’s truly where our bar is at, for the moment. Which is where you- students, faculty, and other various readers come in!

Now you may ask, is all of this just a long advertisement for our social media? Yes, yes it is. So while I have your attention you can find our Facebook account by looking up “The Quill” or @QuillBU, our Instagram @BUTheQuill, and our twitter @TheQuillBU. Follow us for reminders about events going on around campus, sports updates, and for general news. Our website is still up and running at where you can read full articles online and join our email list to be notified every time we publish an article. 

We hope this new platform proves more convenient for you, the readers. Any feedback can be sent to the Editor, Rob, at