Gender And Women’s Studies Fall Social

The Gender and Women’s Studies (G+WS)  program hosted its fall social on Thursday, October 3rd. The event was from 4:30-6:00. Upon entering, I was given a small purple handout that listed winter term G+WS courses.There were also some faculty members there, that attendees were introduced to and got to visit with. We were supplied pizza, tons of chips (there was even extra leftover), and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Attendees in a gender class even get an extra credit mark on their final grade if they attend. I ate some pizza and chips and then was given a copy of the Herizons feminist magazine and flipped through it. I strongly believe that if an event has free food and extra credit, it is definitely worth attending. I got a chance to visit with a few other women attending, and also got a chance to casually visit and get to know my Making Sense of Gender professor, Dr. Mihelakis. It was a great chance to ask professors questions that you don’t necessarily get a chance to ask during class or office hours. There was also a raffle, of which I entered but did not win. The prizes included: a BU notebook, three Forbidden Flavours gift cards, a BU mug, a book, and a BU drawstring bag. I helped Dr. Mihelakis bring a stack of Herizons magazines to her office near the end of the event. I was so invested in a conversation that my professor had to kick me out of the room! I very much enjoyed this event, I like that it got me out of my dorm and got me out of my introverted shell. I would strongly recommend that students go to socials in their field if there are some put on.