Starting Your Own Dragon Hoard

Making your own origami dragons. For when you want to be the mother of dragons but quite frankly just don't have the motivation or blood magic to do so.

1.Take a square sheet of paper- preferably origami paper but really if we were in the position to be picky we wouldn't be fiddling with paper to start our hoard in the first place.

Fold said sheet of paper in half both ways unfolding after each side, and folding in half both sides diagonally.

2. Hold your paper at a diamond perspective and start to fold both sides in. Then flatten the top of the peak shape that has formed and it should hopefully make a diamond shape.

3 fold each side of the diamond into the center crease. Do this on both sides and then unfold them.

4. Open up the top flap of the diamond and fold the sides in, then fold the flap down. Do this with the other side.

5. Taking the top flap of each side fold them up and then to each side.

Fold the top flap in on itself to make a wing. And fold it to either side. Do this on both sides.

6. Now pick either side that isn't the wings to be the head and the tail. For both of these you might want to make them slimmer by folding each side of the head or tail into the crease.

You can then fold it upwards.

7. Tail: For the tail you can curl it (if you'd like)

Head: For the head you fold the point at a 90 degree angle and snip off the sharp point to make a squarer mouth.

8. Last but not least take the wings and fold them up at an angle so they point towards the tail.

And if any of that made sense then there you have it! Your very own dragon!