Q-Mail: Quinitilius vs. New Year's Resolutions

Dear Quintilius,
This is my year, I can just feel it. I’m going to totally change and just be this super healthy and positive person, I would just like some advice on how to follow through on a New Years resolution?
Sincerely The Pursuit of Happiness



Dear Sycophant,

Ah, I see you are a resolutioner, someone who changes something about themselves by using the New Year as a justification. May I ask why, if there was something you were unhappy with, did you not change your habits until now? Does having to absent-mindedly fill out cheques dated with the wrong year for three months somehow remind you to be a better person?

You do not need the New Year to change who you are. You don’t need anyone or anything to make a firm change in your life other than will power and discipline. Literally nothing will change in your day-to-day life unless you start actually working on it. I think the New Year should be a time to reflect on our year while also reevaluating our purposes and goals.

If you want to be super healthy, reflect on what you did last year that was so abysmal that it hurt your body or made you unhealthy. If you want to be super positive, look at what made you cynical or negative. I believe it’s also important to fill out your why, defining your reasoning behind your goals and actions.

Take your holidays to really define yourself and sort out who you are. If you want to follow through on some sort of resolution in your life, look first for the reason, then reflect on the past shortcomings and finally take action.


All Salute The Eternal City,

Qunitilius of Rome