CBS’s Assignment Saving Lives Bursary Program

Every minute of every day, someone in Canada needs blood or blood products, and Canadian Blood Donor Services wants your help.

Through the Canadian Blood Services’ Assignment Saving Lives Bursary Program, students can recruit new or previous donors and win bursaries of up to $1,500. Participants must recruit a minimum of 25 blood or platelet donors between June 1st and September 7th, 2013, “a time of year that traditionally results in lower than required blood donations throughout the province.”

Shoal Lake High School graduate Karl Chastko participated in the program in 2012, and although he thereby inherited nicknames associated with vampires from joking friends, he had a very positive experience.

“I had lots of fun with this program, as [blood donation] is something I am passionate about, and I was able to get my friends involved,… raise awareness about the need for blood, and help break down some of the stigma around blood donation,” said Chastko. “I found this to be some of the most fulfilling volunteer work I have ever done, and it even helped me further my education. […] I strongly encourage that anyone eligible give blood give and take part, especially given the current climate of the blood supply.”

The participant with the most recruits will receive a $1,000 bursary, and a $1,500 bursary will be allotted to the student with the most overall new donors. For all students who meet the minimum requirements, a random draw will be held for twelve $500 bursaries.

Students enrolled in grades 11 or 12 or postsecondary education this year or the following September are eligible. It is also advised to attend an orientation session “to gain valuable information” to aid in recruiting donors.

For students interested in becoming involved in the program, follow the link!