Changes Made to Electronic Waiting Lists

Coming into the winter semester several changes were made to Brandon University’s electronic waiting list system.

First, you only have one opportunity to register once a spot becomes available. You will be provided with a time frame, and if you do not respond within this time frame your name will be removed from the waiting list. Should this happen and you want to be placed back on the waiting list, you must register once again through the online course registration system, or by contacting finance and registration.

Second, if a seat becomes available you will be notified at any time. Previously notifications were only sent during business hours, causing difficulties for students. Now notifications are sent out immediately to your BU email account.

Finally, you must meet all prerequisites in order to receive an offer of a seat. If you do not have the required prerequisites when your name comes to the top of the waiting list you will be notified that you are not eligible to register, your name will be removed from the list. You may contact the course instructor or the departmental chair to further discuss the situation.

It cannot be stressed enough that you check your Brandon University email account.

This is where emails relating to waiting lists will be sent, including the offer to a seat or notifications relating to your removal from a waiting list.

In the event that you do not check this email account on a regular basis, consider having your BU emails forwarded to your regular email account. This is a life saver. Simply log in to your BU email account, go to settings, mail, forwarding, and enter the email address you wish to have your BU emails forwarded to.

Should you wish to view your position on the waiting list, or remove yourself from a waiting list, simply log in to your student information account, go to registration, and select the waiting list menu.

For further information check the waiting list information page at Should you need to contact Finance and Registration you may do so by calling 204-727-9724 or by emailing