Impressive Results from ACC’s Finest

ACC’s south campus. (Logan Praznik/The Quill)

Congratulations goes out to the nursing grads at Assiniboine Community College as every single one of them passed the Canadian Practical Nursing Registration Exam. 81 graduates wrote the test from campuses in Brandon and Winnipeg, to Pine Falls. Karen Hargreaves, Dean of Health & Human Services at Assiniboine, has expressed joy and pride with the graduates hard work, determination and their accomplishments.

This is an incredibly impressive feat accomplished by these students, especially during a time when demand is high for nursing students. During the 2014-15 year 98 per cent of graduates were employed making on average $54,286 a year. Hargreaves speaks highly about the quality of their nursing program talking about the “strong clinical, theory and lab components taught by experienced and talented instructors.”

Graduate LPNs secure a solid career in hospitals, personal care homes, medical clinics, private agencies and the community. It is clear that these talented nursing students will each bring the best to their fields and areas of expertise, wherever they decide to work.

For those interested in joining ACC’s Pracitical Nursing program in Dauphin, applications will be accepted between March 6-17, 2017. Those who are interested in becoming a nurse may find more information on the campuses in Brandon, Winnipeg, and their rural rotating sites, on