Women's History Month: #ClaimYourPlace

Students at the John E. Robbins Library. (Krista Murray/The Quill)

While a lot has changed since suffragette movements, women are still fighting for equal rights even right here in Canada. Things look better on the surface and we even have a Prime Minister who calls himself a feminist. However, women still get paid less than men on average and must work extremely hard to be taken seriously in work environments. Gender-based violence occurs all too often and even the world feminist is often associated with negative stereotypes. Still, there is growing recognition about issues that face women and a fight for change.

In Canada, October is Women’s History Month. According to the “Status of Women in Canada” the theme this year is “Make Your Mark” and the hashtag #claimyourplace is encouraged. The emphasis is on women and girls being able to do anything when they bring passion, energy and talent. Women and men alike continue to fight for women to be equal and included in all parts of Canadian life. It is encouraged you use the hashtag to join the conversation.

Here on campus an event is taking place on October 26th, from 4:30PM-5:30PM in the Gathering Space of the Library to celebrate women. The Brandon University Status to Women Review Committee is sponsoring the celebration which has BU colleagues “share how they incorporate non-traditional methodologies such as indigenous research, arts based research, social justice research, participatory and action research” according to BU’s website. The speakers are highlighting how they are claiming their place by “researching from the edges.” They also encourage faculty members who identify as women to speak about their own research at the open mic portion of the event.

Celebrate Women’s History Month by using #claimyourplace and using your voice to show how you make your mark.