Chancellor Re-Elected for Second Term

(Logan Praznik/The Quill)

On November 1st, 2017, the second term of Brandon University’s Chancellor, Michael Decter began. Decter has an extensive list of accomplishments, including graduating from Harvard University with a degree in Economics; as well being a published author, a recipient of the Order of Canada, former Deputy Minister of Health for Ontario, and Cabinet Secretary in the Government of Manitoba. Decter was appointed Chancellor in 2013 and Senate approved his second term earlier this year, which he will continue to hold until October 31st, 2020.

Interim President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Steven Robinson spoke highly of Chancellor Decter, stating in a Brandon University press conference: “Michael has been a valuable and inspiring Chancellor, providing guidance and vision on the Board of Governors as well as wisdom and advice for convocating students each year.”

When Decter’s second term was confirmed, he was thrilled. “It’s a terrific honour to be Chancellor. I’m genuinely flattered to be asked and very pleased to do it,” he stated in the same press conference.

In his first term, Chancellor Decter spoke of the togetherness and goodwill that he saw within Brandon University. He also spoke of his greatest challenge for his next term: getting the ball rolling on the development of Brandon University’s downtown property. Chancellor Decter explained, “The University’s been working very hard, and I will be delighted if over the next three years we saw some substantive progress there.”

It is an honour to have such a prestigious and accomplished man as Chancellor, particularly as he also takes a similarly great pride in Brandon University. Although he currently resides in Ontario, Decter professes to showing off the Bobcat’s colours while outside of Manitoba.

“I proudly wear my BU blue-and-gold scarf in Toronto, and I am a very proud advocate for the University. I look forward to the challenge of another term, and the evolution of the University, which has its best days ahead of it — and there were some very good days in the past as well. Go Bobcats, go!”

With the current enrollment growth at Brandon University, there will be new hurdles such as expanding the services available and utilizing campus space, but Chancellor Decter is up to the challenge.