Scholarships Available

(Logan Praznik/The Quill)

University life should be oriented mainly towards academic achievements, which this reporter understands as the procurement of high standard grades and an ever-growing understanding of our chosen field of study. Ideally, this goal should be attainable without the loss of an enjoyable life. However, it is markedly hard to sing Gaudeamus igitur and relax in an altogether well rounded life while the associated financial pressures of university bear down on us. If only that pesky need to ensure money finds its way to our debtees could be set aside, life would be so much easier.

Good news! As a student at Brandon University (BU), there are numerous bursaries and scholarships waiting for you to apply and take their money.

To give you a sample of what might be yours, here is a list of 3 of these. The Bank of Montreal scholarship hands out $1,500 to any full time student at BU. The Esuke Toke Memorial scholarship for international students awards $3,360 to this particularly hard hit group in terms of cost. This scholarship is awarded based on academic merit after the first year of study at BU. The Brandon University Centennial Bursaries distributes $3,295 to full time students with financial needs.

This is an incredibly small list compared to what is on offer. To learn more about the money that people are dying to give you go to Or don’t, I’ll apply and get all the free money.