Women's Collective Crashes BUSL Meeting

(Logan Praznik/The Quill)

The debate between being pro-life and pro-choice is not one that is new to campuses, or people in general and sure isn’t new to Brandon University. Discussions on the topic can get very heated as it is a topic people on either side of the debate are often very passionate about.

Brandon University has a student group called the Brandon University Students for Life. They had recently put posters around campus with images of a fetus saying “growing, growing, gone”, and the phrase “abortion kills children” on it in bold. When these posters were noticed by students who were offended and upset by them there were counter-posters put up by the Women’s Collective stating “keep your morality out of our uteruses.” There was much discussion on the Brandon University Student’s Union Facebook page about the BUSL posters, and how the posters were graphic, shaming women for getting abortions and triggering. It was noted that if anyone felt unsafe because of these posters they were encouraged to send a message to the BUSU executive. The BUSL posters listed they were having a meeting on October 24th in Charley Biggs, and students decided to go set up a table, with safer sex supplies and pro-choice information. The intention was to disrupt the BUSL meeting, and allow people to be aware they have choices and there is no shame in choosing abortion.

Both groups began interacting when BUSL began their meeting, with it having gained so much attention the Brandon Sun was there talking to students and taking pictures. The conversation between the two groups got very heated and emotional. The pro-choice side quickly outnumbered the pro-life and many women in the room spoke passionately about their right to choose what happened in their own bodies. BUSL was often asked about what they were doing to support the women they encourage not to get abortions during their pregnancy and after birth of the child. Many BUSL members admitted the group did nothing in terms of supporting women who received their message except to refer them to other groups. In one discussion Aly who was there to support choice told a BUSL member the posters were upsetting and the BUSL member apologizes, but also confirmed they would use them again when Aly asked if they would stop using them.

The Brandon Sun article that covered the event noted that BUSU will be re-evaluating BUSL as a club on campus.