Indigenous Awareness Week: Interview with Chris Lagimodiere

(Credit: Brady Knight/The Quill)

Indigenous Awareness Week ran from February 13th through 17th this year, including events such as performances, displays, guest speakers, free lunches, and a BUASC social. One of the topics included during the week was the issue of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women. These events were organized by the Indigenous People’s Centre (IPC), and held throughout spaces on the Brandon University Campus. Chris Lagimodiere, The Director of the IPC, was willing to answer some questions for The Quill about the success of the week’s events.

The Quill: What was the aim of Indigenous Awareness week?

Chris Lagimodiere: The purpose of the week was to offer Indigenous activities to Staff, Faculty, Students and Community members to participate in Indigenous culture through a variety of events.

TQ: Which events were the most well-attended?

CL: All events had strong attendance. We averaged about 30 people at each event. The nice thing was each day we attracted different individuals, it wasn’t always the same people each day. We were very happy with the response we received at each event.

TQ: As Director of the IPC, why do you think it is important that all BU students be involved in events like these?

CL: It is an opportunity for all students, to come together and share stories and experiences. It also provides opportunity for students to share their culture with others or learn about different traditions within Indigenous culture.

TQ: What was your personal favorite part of the week?

CL: I enjoyed each event, it was a lot of fun. My favorite event was the bannock over the fire in the courtyard because I am always a sucker for some bannock.

TQ: What are some of the challenges of getting students involved, or to attend these events?

CL: Everyone has different schedules and it is hard to offer events that work best for each student. Sometimes work, family, or studying makes it difficult for students to attend different events.

TQ: Was there anything you’d like to see added or done differently next time?

CL: We have not yet evaluated this year’s event but we do plan on hosting the event again in the future. We will evaluate it for next year and try to make it an even better event for everyone.

Visit the Indigenous People’s Center in the George T. Richardson Centre for information on future events or to access their wide variety of resources offered to Students.

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 23, February 28th, 2017.