CFS Manitoba Annual General Meeting

The CFS holds their 2008 Day of Action in Toronto. (Credit: Joey Coleman/Flickr)

Hey everyone, the CFS of Manitoba is holding their annual General Meeting in Brandon on April 27th.  You can see their signs around campus and if you ask the right people you may even be able to join for yourself the organization that is helping students like you and I. The CFS are some of the most vocal participants on campus when it comes to the issues of students and will proudly stand up and tell the universities and governments whats what.

This event on the 27th will be the first event in 7 years that will be held outside Winnipeg. It is highly recommended for anyone who can to register and participate in the event, to do so. There is absolutely no cost to attend the event, and meals are provided. Thats right, you get to experience the power of the might of students and have free food! Could there possibly be a better way to spend one’s Thursday?

To participate in the upcoming event you must fill out a registration form and bring it to BUSU. Their office is the 2nd floor of the KDC and you must bring it there by 4:00PM on April 13th. To check out more about CFS and what they can do for you please go to their website at You can see all that the organization is trying to do for you!

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 29, April 11th, 2017.