Memrise: An Improvement to Your Memories

Exams are looming, and there’s a way to make the most of every moment; if you’re stuck in the coffee line or waiting for your study date. Memrise is a learning app, it serves to boost your memory and study anywhere while learning a new language. It’s great for students of languages but also teachers. Dr. Claudia Bouliane’s students have been improving their test scores by using the app to study. Memrise makes it possible for teachers to create materials, lessons, and manage groups. “Memrise is a wonderful tool for integrating the studying of a great amount of knowledge in the everyday routine of students. It makes learning by heart easier, and fun. Even students who were certain that they had poor memories have seen gains.” Dr. Bouliane says. But the magic is not limited to languages, Memrise provides the tools to learn anything in the most efficient way possible; math, science, history, trivia. It is also possible to create your own material with information specific to your courses. Memrise says a major component of the efficiency is the science: using vivid, sensory memories that stimulate senses, imagination and emotions, resulting in memories that last longer and stand out better. Science is built into the testing; Memrise builds algorithms using cognitive science to adaptively calibrate the types of tests given. Additionally, Memrise calculates how long it’s going to take you to forget the information, then schedules reminders to refresh your memory. Memrise boasts its video-game-esque platform, ensuring studying isn’t as tedious as when it’s right out of the textbook. Memrise is of the opinion that every student is also a teacher; and that building a community of people to contribute to the garden of knowledge the app provides a momentous amount of information and expertise on varied subject matter. Memrise is available on iOS and Android. Also it’s free. One of Dr. Bouliane’s many students benefitting from the app, Taylor Koleto says “Memrise makes me feel like I can conquer the world… or at least France”.

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 29, April 11th, 2017.