Spirit Of The Land : Art & Performance Exhibition

From Wednesday November 21st until Saturday, November 24th the Glen P. Sutherland Art Gallery at Brandon University held an art and performance exhibition entitled; Spirit of the Land. The Exhibition of Art and Performance by students from Experiments in Performance Art and Experiments in Indigenous Art. Much of the art on display is traditional Aboriginal art created by items found in nature. That includes Birch Bark folded into decorations or patterns used in beading, Wood Nettle which is used to create cordage, bags and even a ‘spider web’, which is not a dream catcher despite appearances but is used to bring good medicine to infants as well as protect them from negative energy.

Other art on display was pottery which used clay found in glaciers and an ancient Lake called Agassi, there was also medicine bags which shows beautiful bead work and are often used in spiritual ceremonies. Each bag contains the story and values communicated by the maker of the medicine bag. At the exhibition, speeches and ceremonies were also part of the four-day gallery showing. Thursday night, the 22nd of November an artist by the name of Lori Blondeau gave a talk on Aboriginal art and her work at the gallery. She works as an assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba. She is highly involved with Aboriginal arts projects and has her own art on display at both public and private galleries. The art displayed in this exhibition is created from nature, and creativity from a beautiful culture. On a personal note, the art was wonderful to view.