BU Art Students on Display in Portage

On Saturday, February 24th an opening reception for the Brandon University Printmaking II Students’ exhibition “Naratives” was held. It is located at the Portage & District Arts Centre, Portage La Prairie and will be on display through to March 10th 2018.

The Brandon University Student exhibit features intaglio prints, a method used by Picasso that involves etching an image into a surface which then holds the ink. Artwork from Brandon University’s Assistant Professor Lisa Wood’s class are displayed in the “Narratives” exhibit, from local artists Annette Henderson, Lee Beaton, Janet Russell-Shaw, Mao Guolixuan, Wil Mousseau and Ian Curtis.

 “I saw the Picasso exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery early this year and now have a better understanding of the process he used to create his prints,” Henderson said.

Each student created a unique body of work during Printmaking II using various intaglio etching techniques, stating with line-etch then aquatint and followed by photopolymer etching. Challenges happened with each process and as a class students were able to overcome the difficulties. The resulting editions are fantastic.

The Portage & District Arts Centre is a registered charity and not-for-profit organization that showcases and promotes the artworks of artists.

For more information, please contact Lee Beaton at 204-239-6029 or email at lbeaton@mymts.net. Go out and enjoy some great stuff from some great people!