Elections Results

It is the end of another year of BUSU elections. It was a year for the record books, with a brand new electronic voting system in place for the convenience of voters. I personally took advantage of this from the comfort of my living room, and found it quick and easy. No waiting in line — or even leaving the house!

All candidates on the ballots ran unopposed, and won their positions uncontested. Congratulations to Executive Council Members, Emily Simon (Vice-President Internal) and Mohammed Agavi (Vice-President External), as well as Directors Whitney Hodgins (Accessibilities), Katherine Charles (Music), Uzoma Duru (Arts), George Nkuo (International), and Natashalee Thompson (Graduate Studies). Congratulations also go out to Manuel Colmenarez, the new Senator Student-At-Large. Beginning May 1st, 2018, all of these wonderful people will step into their new or returning roles and work to better the BU community and campus.

The voter turn out for this new system was not as high as expected, but still better than previous years. A total of 223 students voted, with 97 from the Faculty of Arts, 57 from the Faculty of Science, 22 from the Faculty of Music, 20 from the Education Department, and 27 from Health Studies. To this reporter (and voter), this indicates a success in my books!

For the first time in BUSU history (or at least, in the history of BUSU in the seven years I have been a student at BU), there was no candidate for President. This position, as well as the other Director and Student-At-Large positions will be available for application again in May. Director positions still up for grabs are: Science, Health Studies, Education, Part-Time/Mature, Women’s, Indigenous Peoples’, Queer (formerly Gender and Sexuality-Based), Racialized, and Residence. There are also still Student-At-Large positions available on Senate and the Knowles-Douglas Centre Board.

The Quill hopes that all of our new representatives have a wonderful term, and we look forward to working with you!