Fair Play In Saskatchewan: Summer Escapades

On August 2nd, 2018 the police were called to a report of a barefooted man who had been wandering south of Estevan, Saskatchewan. When picked up by the police the individual was wearing nothing but his pyjama bottoms, carrying a toothbrush and 1.4 grams of meth. The unlucky individual was none other than David M. Playfair, a faculty member of Brandon University’s School of Music. The professor teaches fine arts and drama and when he was picked up by the police, he had been in Estevan to perform as “Leslie” on Chaps in the Estevan Souris Valley Theater. He was on his way to the restroom area from his campground when he was picked up therefore explaining his strange appearance. The amount of meth he possessed was alarming and in need of serious repercussions however since the professor had no previous criminal record the Federal Crown prosecutor suggested he face only a three-month conditional discharge. This meant that if professor Playfair did not have further encounters with the police he could keep his nonexistent criminal record. Upon learning of the situation through another published article from the Estevan Mercury, The Quill tried to reach out to both professor Playfair and the School of Music. However, professor Playfair never replied and the School of Music merely said that any information regarding a faculty member and their employment status was confidential and therefore politely declined to comment. Though the story is shocking and amusing one can only hope to expect no further scandalous behaviour from professor Playfair. Hopefully his students will be able to look beyond his lapse in judgement and continue to enjoy and learn in the various courses he teaches.