BU Bathroom Review (Lady Edition)

(Logan Praznik / The Quill)

In my exploration of the Brandon University bathrooms over the last two or so weeks I had discovered my own personal favourites for sure also serious lack of consistency.

I started out in Clark Hall because as an Arts student that’s where I seem to spend most of my time. The bathrooms in Clark are beautiful and my top pick. On the second and third floor they have a little room between the outer door and inner door and inside have windows and a clean, pleasant space in terms of relatively public bathrooms go. If I had to spend any amount of time in a bathroom that wasn’t my own it would be in those ones.

The Brodie Building and the Knowles-Douglas Building are less than impressive though not entirely unpleasant and the Library tends along the same vein. Bad florescent lighting, old flooring, very public washroom feeling. You get in you get out and generally try to be quick about it. The Jeff Umphrey Centre is also nothing to write home about. A little more cramped then the others and with the door opening so directly into the space and being right across from the main entrance that the feeling of privacy isn’t all that strong.

On some other notes, I have always found it a little puzzling and terrible that they have dispensers for things like tampons and pads in women’s bathrooms but then you need to have change on you. This seems like a bit of a slap in the face if you end up in the horrific situation of not having anything or anyone with anything and potentially no change. I rarely have change on me these days, often times I don’t even have cash while not always a great call it generally isn’t that problematic though in such a bloody situation it could be. Either way, it would be a good time to mention that unlike bathrooms the Brandon University Women’s Collective does give out free period collection and protection methods so if you find yourself in a changeless pickle someone’s got your back.

Also! Clark has a great single stall gender neutral washroom on the first floor, just head for print and mail services and take a left. It’s trans friendly and hardly anyone is ever down that hall so there is almost never a wait and if there is it isn’t long.

Let’s face it, I just don’t think much can beat natural light with no loss of privacy. The Clark Hall bathrooms are made to not be horrifying and to take it one step further so if you need a restroom rest in the rooms in Clark.