The Quill Holiday Writing Contest: Winter, My Favourite Enemy

Winter, My Favourite Enemy
By Jordan Janzen

It’s four PM, the sun is about to set,

My cheeks are burning and my boots are wet.

The wind assaults the little bit of skin that is exposed,

It seeps through my jacket, even though it’s closed.

My nose is runny and my lashes are frosted.

My legs are like logs, and I am utterly exhausted.

Snowflakes slap me in the face,

But I manage to keep up the pace!

As I trudge through the deep snow,

I just thought you should know,

Although the winter can be tough,

I can never get enough!

Of soaring down a hill on your sled,

Or finishing a snowman with a top hat on his head.

Of racing down the ice, with a hockey stick in your hand,

Or dancing around in the winter wonderland!

Nothing compares to the thrill of the chase,

During a snow ball fight, a smug grin on your face.

Winter comes with its con’s and pro’s,

But the joy often trumps the woes.

Summer is fun, the beach is nice,

But nothing competes with snow and ice.