BU Bobcats Basketball

(BU Bobcats)

Basketball fans of the BU Bobcats could not have been too upset this past weekend as both men’s and women’s team each won a game and lost a game against the University of Manitoba Bisons. The games were played on Winnipeg home court.

The women earned their second win of the season, first against the Dinos last week and now against the Bisons. Friday night the women brought their A-game hard and heavy, winning the match 84-77. Saturday night the Bobcats trailed by the end of the game but that wasn’t the story in the first half. The first two quarters of the game the Bobcats were up by small single digits, but up nonetheless. It wasn’t until the third quarter that the Bison’s got to work dismantling the BU defence and scoring 33 points. The end of the match would see the Bobcats lose 74-90.

The men continue to tie their record as the line doesn’t move on their wins and losses. Friday night resulted in victory for the men while Saturday turned out to be a razor edge heartbreak. The first night the Bobcats took a three point split win over U of M in a nail biting fourth quarter. However if the teams tried to make it a close game the first night they did an even better job the second night. On Saturday the men would just barely lose with seconds on the clock 84-85. Falling apart in the third quarter their opponents ran up the score 11-25points.

The Bobcat’s women record goes to 2-6 and the men’s record goes to 4-4. The basketball teams next games are on the 1st and 2nd out in Langley BC before their holiday break.

To check out any of the Bobcats stats please go to the Bobcats official website at gobobcats.com. Best of luck in your next games Bobcats!