Still Looking, Still Waiting

At the risk of sounding desperate, I still need a sports reporter!

The perks of being a sports reporter are as follows: easy word count each week, which ties directly into the tuition rebate regular reporters are entitled to. The more you write, the more you get! If you write regularly, there’s the fabled couch to nap on! An office with many outlets to do homework in! We have a kettle and an assortment of tea bags! There’s a 75% chance that I’ll be watching Netflix in here, so there’s popcorn too! There’s also a table that’s literally perfect for a variety of things, from spreading out all of your massive textbooks, to meetings for group projects that are too noisy for the library, and even playing good old fashioned Dungeons and Dragons (dice not included)!

Don’t like/understand sports? No problem! We send out weekly scores and summaries to turn into short and sweet articles from the Bobcats and Cougars. Go to intramurals you might enjoy, like Zumba, yoga, table tennis, or GrifBall, and let us know what was the best or most horrible part of it. Get creative and send in pictures if you want! Write me a tragic love story between the dumbbells in the HLC that can never quite be together, perpetually separated by a mass of muscle - I am literally open to pretty much anything that I can publish on the sports page!*

If you are interested in any of the perks, or want to brush up on your writing skills, give me a shout! Email me at, or come on by the office. There’s almost always someone here Monday-Thursday, 10:30AM-2:30PM. Fridays are meetings by appointment.

*Within reason. Comedic, non-sports pieces will be published when I can fit them in between actual Bobcats and Cougars sports news.