In Search Of: A New Sports Reporter

For the last three years, we had our wonderful sports reporter to chronicle the goings-on of the BU Bobcats and ACC Cougars. Unfortunately (and also fortunately) for us, he had to go and trade up his title for Assistant Editor-in-Chief.

With his new role, along with the responsibilities of being a student, he simply doesn’t have the time to cover all of the sports as well. This means that we have a spot open for a new sports writer!

The position entails one or two articles per week for the BU Bobcats as well as one for the ACC Cougars recapping the sportsball that occurred. Students can attend games for free, so why not capitalize on that? The Quill offers such perks as occasionally being able to score press passes to non-campus sports, tuition rebates, and a really great office to hang out in to catch up on work (or just to take a nap. Our couch is pretty awesome).

You wouldn’t be limited just to sports, of course - we love getting reports on classes and intramurals run by the HLC! Get out there and try Zumba or Yoga, and let us know what kind of muscles you pulled! Bring a friend, take some goofy pictures, and have fun!

Don’t have time to report every week, but know someone who might want to switch off with you? Awesome! The more, the merrier! Send me an email at, or swing by the office on the second floor of the Knowles-Douglas Centre (KDC). We’re right above BUSU, and there’s almost always someone here between the hours of 10:00AM and 2:00PM, because I live here now.*

This position is also open to ACC students! Want to report on your Cougars? Fantastic! The Quill loves to expand its family! Send me an email at the aforementioned address, or flag me down when I’m next on your campus! I do deliveries every Wednesday! I’ll be the tired looking woman with a stack of newspapers wandering into your cafeteria/student union area.

*This EIC uses heavy sarcasm. She does not actually live in The Quill office, it only feels like she does.