Bobcats Basketball

It was a tough weekend for the Bobcats this past weekend as both the men and women took losses to their records while facing the University of Regina Cougars. Both men and women could not keep up to the Cougars as they lost each game by between 15 to 48 points.

In women’s basketball the Bobcats were outscored in each quarter in their battle against the University of Regina Cougars. The Friday night game lead to the most agonizing defeat for the Bobcats, with a final score of 55-103. Right from the get go the Cougars jumped to take the lead by 15-0 points within the first four in half minutes. Five members of the Cougars team ended in the double digits with the most points in game being scored by Kyanna Giles with 21 points. The Bobcats were led by Adrianna Proulx who also met the most points at 21 and Kylie Wicked who scored 10 points. On Saturday it wasn’t much of a different game for the Bobcats as they lost 50-90. The highest scorers from the Bobcats were Lauren Anderson with 21 points and the next highest was Josie Degagne with 8 points. Once again, five members of the Cougars team scored double digits, with the teams average field goal percentage being almost double that of Brandon’s. The women’s record slips to 2-4.

Men’s basketball did result in closer scoring games, but the outcomes were the same as the women’s games. Regina outscored the Bobcats in almost each quarter and got up to 100 points on Friday night, taking the game 82-100. Friday saw the men start slow in the first half and surge in the third quarter, but not enough to tie the game and they were finally finished off in the final quarter when the Cougars scored 34 points. The men were led by Troy Grant and Jaleel Webb for scorers with 17 and 15 points respectively. Saturday night saw the men take another loss, this time 82-97. There was some pushing back and forth throughout each quarter with who would take the lead but Regina would maintain the gap of 11 points from the first half till the end of the game. The Bobcats top scorer was Tyvon Cooper who had 32 points. The men’s record slips to 1-5.

The Bobcats have a bye next week and their next games will be taking place in Saskatchewan on the 23rd of November. The games are scheduled for Friday with the women at 6:00p.m. and the men at 8:00p.m. If you want to catch up on the latest statistics and information of the Bobcats you can check out their website at Best of luck in your next games athletes!