Bobcats Futsal

The Bobcats soccer teams have been making moves over the break in the Futsal MCAC league. Both men and women have played 8 games for their season so far and the matches over the break were of the more successful accomplishments. The games took place on the 17th of February and the Futsal teams battled with opponents across the province.

The women’s first game on the Saturday took place in Brandon against St. Boniface. The game resulted in a 2-0 win for the women, this is compared to their loss back at the beginning of the season 2-4 to the “Les Rouges.” The second game that the women took place against Red River. Here the Bobcats took a tie, scoring 2-2 and adding their third tie of the season.

The men’s team had great success that weekend as they took two victories. Facing St. Boniface the men had a close game but ended up pulling ahead of “Les Rouges” 5-4. The men’s win against St. Boniface is an impressive turn around compared to their past 4-6 loss. The last game of the weekend against the Rebels saw the Bobcats take the win 6-4.

The Bobcat women’s record goes to 2-3-3, taking their 11th, and the men’s record goes to 6-1-1. To check out any of the Bobcats stats please go to the Bobcats official website at The next Futsal game takes place on the 3rd of March against Providence and CMU.