Bobcats Volleyball

The men’s team made it into the playoffs after a solid 18-8 record from their regular season. The men played in three tournaments throughout their regular season and a total of 38 games before this past weekend. They played games throughout Western Canada, from Winnipeg to Vancouver and took a great ratio of wins to losses.

This past weekend marked the start of the Bobcats post-season games. The men would play a total of three games during the weekend against the University of Winnipeg Wesmen. The Wesmen would bring their ‘A’ game and fight to the bitter end with the Bobcats. At the end of the weekend the Bobcats would meet their match and lose the final game on Sunday.

The Bobcats would win the sets in a clean sweep on Friday 3-0 but ended up losing both Saturday and Sunday in heartbreaking matches. Saturday the Wesmen came back from two sets to zero and won the next 3 sets. Sunday Brandon University lost the final matches 1-3 when the University of Winnipeg took the first two sets and then the fourth.

Friday night the Bobcats dominated the court and took the Wesmen to town in each set. Despite being outscored in kills, assists and digs, the Bobcats were able to win each set between 20-25 and 23-25 points. The men were lead on Friday by Elliot Viles and Reece Dixon.

Saturday night the Bobcats were off to an early lead and strong continuation of the night before. The first set went well for the men as they won 25-15 along with the second set 23-25. It was here that the Wesmen made a strong comeback and a powerful push for the victory. The Wesmen won the next three sets and pushed the series to its third and final night to end the tie breaker. Top players for the Bobcats included Seth Friesen, Mason Metcalf, Reece Dixon and Brady Nault.

Sunday night the Bobcats were unable to keep up with the Wesmen as they took losses in the first two sets. The Bobcats took the third set but they could not quite pull off the same results of the underdogs the previous night. The men would lose the last set 21-25, stopping their playoff run dead in its tracks. The Bobcats top players of Sunday were Seth Friesen, Reece Dixon, James Weir and Elliot Viles.

The men finish their season on a high note, making it into the playoffs and fighting to the last set and game. The Bobcats ended up winning 29 out of their 41 games, an impressive accomplishment for the athletes! To check out any of the Bobcats stats please go to the Bobcats official website at See you next season Bobcats!