Dear Quintilius,

What is the best way to not fall asleep in class?

Sincerely, So Tired


Dear Sleepy,

Alright the best ways not to fall asleep in class, I hope you’re ready for this one, this answer is about to get wild. What it’s going to include is three poached eggs, a string of semi cooked spaghetti, a comfortably made bed, 2 camels, an alarm clock, some green tea, a good book, limited amounts of stress and distractions.

Here it is, the best way not to fall asleep in class is sleep at night. I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. If you get 7.5-9 hours of sleep you are golden. You don't even need half the shit I mentioned in the above paragraph. You do need some supplies but largely lets discuss night routine and preparation for bed.

First decide what time you want to wake up. Then chart out 9 hours before that, that is now bed time. Now that hour before bed time, no screens. Set aside 10 hours for you night routine. 1 hour for cleaning yourself, making your bed, brushing your teeth, treating your skin whatever it is you do, but stay away from your phone and laptop. Read a book, drink some tea, reflect on your day. Get snuggly in bed. Be sure that your bedroom is completely dark as you fall asleep, a little bit on the chilly side, you have some water to drink when you wake up and your alarm clock is set. 

A big thing that messes with peoples ability to sleep is stress and work. Sometimes you have to work late, sometimes you don't eat until late then you want to eat those ‘rarely’ food items, sometimes your super anxious about person A who never texted you back yet or think about that one bad thing you did 10 years ago which was at worst ‘mediocre' that literally everyone else has forgotten. It’s tough, I know. But you are important. Your mental health and sleep ability is crucial to how you feel not only in class, but in life. Don't do drugs (or at least not a lot). Do workout (or at least a little bit).

Try to keep a consistent sleep schedule. I know sometimes it has to be compromised in order to complete this one really big task but there will always be a million reasons and excuses you make yourself to tell you its ok to do this because of blank. Really what comes first and foremost is you and your health. Take care of your body and it will take care of you later on